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This course is designed to prepare individuals to function in the role of nurse assistant in a variety of health care settings. Content includes basic nursing care procedures and skills, body mechanics, safety measures, special treatments, communication skills, and care of persons with Alzheimer’s   Disease and related dementias. The course consists of theory instruction in the classroom/lab and clinical experience in a long-term care facility. This course is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health,  and Illinois Board of Higher Education for private and vocational schools. This course fulfills the state-mandated meeting requirements. FSTEs curriculum meets all educational requirements to be eligible to take the Illinois Comprehensive Nursing Assistant Exam and practice once successful in the state of Illinois. 


The Basic Nurse Assistant is an essential part of health care delivery. Basic Nurse Assistant Training education provides an opportunity to improve society’s utilization of the basic nursing skills that will serve communities. We believe certified nursing assistants can improve healthcare outcomes by providing safe, effective, evidence-based, therapeutic, unbiased, and competent care for clients of all ages and stages of life. Basic Nurse Assistants utilize critical thinking skills and are an integral part of the nursing process. Upon completion of the program, the student will have acquired the knowledge and skills to function as a nursing assistant and will be eligible to take the state “Nursing Assistant Certification Exam and become Certified Nursing Assistants. 

The Hybrid Basic Nurse Assistant Training Course is 6 weeks in length. Students attend classes via ZOOM, Mondays, and Tuesdays, in person lab on Wednesdays and attend clinical sessions at designated sites. Students will have no less than 2-3 hours of homework online each day. Students are required to adhere to an asynchronous schedule that includes scheduled testing dates and times. Students must have a computer and have good computer skills and the ability to manage their time well, be strong independent learners and be accountable for course material deadlines.  



• 17 years of age *16 years of age currently enrolled in High School (parents' acknowledgment is required for students 17 or younger)* • High school/GED (copies of high school/GED or transcripts submitted with application and enrollment agreement)

• Reading Comprehension and Math (basic) placement exams – tests will be administered during the first week of the course. There is no fee for exams

• Physical examination by a licensed physician (include COVID vaccine proof, TB screen, Immunization history ) Clinical training involves lifting, direct contact with patients/residents, and other activities which may cause harm or injury. Each student is responsible for acquiring and maintaining necessary insurance coverage throughout his/her enrollment in the program. Proof of coverage is to be presented to FSTE prior to the start of the program

• Drug Screen (5-panel drug screen conducted) Required Criminal Background check - In compliance with Health Care Worker Background Check Act. Applicants with disqualifying felony convictions are discouraged from continuing with the program until a Waiver from the Illinois Department of Public Health is obtained.

• State issued picture identification and social security card

• Complete and signed an Enrollment Agreement and a Student payment agreement for the registered course(s)

• Student Payment Agreement must be signed before the 1st day of class. Payments are accepted by debit or credit card only and made in person at FSTE site or via pay pal on FSTE website once accepted.




Book Vendor: Students may purchase texts from the vendor of choice. Note: Additional charges will incur to purchase electronic codes to access all course material. * All students must be certified by the American Heart Association for CPR. Students may obtain CPR certification from other vendors. Textbooks/electronic resource prices are subject to change based on manufacture/vendor

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