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The Practical Nursing (PN) program at FSTE is approved by the Illinois Nursing Board, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE.) Practical nurses (PN) function as members of the health team and are actively involved with care throughout the life span. FSTEs curriculum is approved and meets all the requirements for the successful candidate to be eligible to take the Illinois NCLEX-PN examination.    Functioning within the provisions of the Illinois Nurse Practice Act of 2017 (Article 55) and State of Illinois Nursing Rules (Administrative Code: Title 68(b), the practical nurse provides and manages care and participates in teaching and research under the supervision of a registered professional nurse, licensed physician, dentist, or podiatrist. Practical nursing education combines clinical experiences and theoretical knowledge encompassing the nursing process, communication, and the biological and social sciences. Education incorporates a teaching-learning process resulting in positive changes within each student. FSTE applies the Novice to Expert theory by Patricia Benner throughout the threads of the Practical nurse program. Novice to Expert theory reveals knowledge is accrued and embedded in nursing education and practice over time. The faculty fosters an environment and curriculum which increases the knowledge and skill acquisition of the perspective student. 

FSTE's Practical Nursing program is a one-year Certificate program consisting of 1080 clock hours; preparing individuals to function in the practical nurse role. Individuals completing the practical nursing program at FSTE meet the education requirements and are eligible to sit for the Illinois NCLEX-PN exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN.)  

Currently the Practical Nurse Certification Program is being delivered via the “hybrid” methodology. Theory/class sessions are conducted currently via ZOOM; laboratory sessions are delivered on site at FSTE, and clinical sessions are delivered in person at affiliating health facilities. The Practical Nurse Training Program is designed to be completed in18 months (1year and one-half year.) As a Hybrid program portion of the courses are covered online via ZOOM, on specific course scheduled days with students completing at least 6-8 hours of assigned work online. As a Hybrid program, a portion of the classes are covered online, and students attend lab and clinical sessions at designated sites. Students are required to adhere to an asynchronous schedule that includes scheduled testing dates and times. Students must have a computer and have good computer skills and the ability to manage their time well, be strong independent learners and be accountable for course material deadlines. Students who successfully complete the Practical Nurse Training Program will receive a Certificate of Completion and be able to sit for the Illinois NCLEX-PN state licensure exam.  



• Must Be 18 Years of Age Upon Registration

• Certified Nurse Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant Certified EMT, in good standing on Illinois Department of Public Health

• Official High School Transcripts/GED/College Transcripts (unofficial for review, if accepted Official Transcript must be sent):

• International Students must request to have official transcripts sent to a recognized credential evaluation service. The results of the evaluation must be sent from the agency

• GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 Scale

• Three (3) Letters of Reference with Admission Application: One (1) Supervisory Work Reference: Two (2) Character References from Persons Not Related to Applicant: State Issued Picture ID: Social Security card

• HESI (Health Education Systems Incorporated) ENTRANCE EXAM (math, reading, reading comprehension vocabulary). Students will have two (2) attempts to obtain a cumulative score of 80%. Cost of HESI ENTRANCE EXAM $60.00 (money order)

• 500-word essay (topic chosen by Coordinator)

• Current CPR (BLS)

• Physical Exam by a Licensed Physician/Nurse Practitioner (Clinical Requirements Noted in Student Handbook)

• Drug Screen

• COVID vaccine proof

• Required Criminal Background Check-In Compliance with Healthcare Worker Background Check

• Any applicant with disqualifying felony convictions should receive a waiver from IDPH


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